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When one of the most important pharmaceutical companies in the region contacted us to help them with the design for their new website, it took us literally by surprise. It was the first time we were going to work in a category like this and obviously felt that we were entering a totally unknown world. However, the great client's charisma and the purpose behind the brand, made us feel at home.

Carnot has more than 75 years in the market, starting out in Mexico and then growing to Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and finally Peru. In this particular project, our job was to design the web for the Peruvian market from scratch, with the goal of reinforcing the brand's approachable image and creating a modern and intuitive experience for its consumers.

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As soon as we started, we decided to take a couple of strategic meetings to analyze more deeply the brand, its personality, audience and competition. With this insights, we could see that the local pharmaceutical category was a bit outdated, digitally speaking. Most of the websites were overloaded with information and technicalities, and the user experience was almost obsolete and felt robotic.

That's why we thought on giving the web a minimalistic design, without compromising the brand or corporate elements. For this we used a clean layout with lots of empty spaces, graphic elements that relate to pharmacies and hospitals, and short and easy to understand content. Finally, we decided to assemble the design with pictures of people interacting with their loved ones. This last point was very important to connect more with the audience and present the brand more approachable.

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Finally, for the products section, we took a lot of fashion and beauty websites as reference, since in them the product is the main protagonist. What we wanted to achieve is for people to recognize and easily remember all the medicines Carnot has to offer. Specially to know well the information and characteristics and how to take them.

For this reason, we chose to work with big pictures, catchy icons and bullet texts. All of this helped to show the content in a very intuitive way. Also, we created the UX & UI design for all E-Commerce store soon to be launched by Carnot. Here are some of the mobile screens.