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Working on the redesign for D'Sala’s website was a great opportunity for us, basically for two reasons: first, because we are coffee lovers and really appreciate there is a brand that is so dedicated to promoting and valuing the tradition of coffee like D'Sala. And second, because this was our first time working with our friends at Pasaporte Studio, one of the most important Branding & Digital Marketing agencies in Peru.


Here is a little review about our collaboration and design process for this fun project.

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Coffee Lovers

Building a new digital identity

For this opportunity we were responsible for the UX/UI Design and Development of the D’Sala’s new website based on the new identity design created by Pasaporte Studio. The challenge was to be able to understand the new graphic language of the brand and translate it into a digital environment without losing its personality or consistency.


For this, we kept the official colors and fonts of the brand and created new graphic elements along with animations and web functionalities that generate an enjoyable user experience and also expand the D’Sala's visual ecosystem.

Responsive Design Matters

User Centered Design

We believe in the importance of a User Centered Design philosophy, which translates into the focus on the user needs and experiences when creating a product, service or in this case designing a website.


That is why, when we were discussing the project on an early stage, we put a lot of emphasis on the responsive design, since it would allow users to quickly know about the brand's history, products and request an online quote all through their smartphones. This would allow D’Sala to connect not only with new but also long time clients.