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Panasur is a peruvian company specialized in providing equipment and machinery for mining and construction projects. After more than 20 years in the business, the company decided to give its brand a fresh start and a new opportunity to separate from the competition without losing the spirit and quality service.

With that in mind, the project was divided in two fronts: rebuilding the brand identity and redesigning the official website, all from the ground up.

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A brand new look

Better than ever

When we talk about heavy equipment and construction machinery, usually think of massive and powerful things. If we bring these ideas into the design world, we can translate them into big fonts, energetic colors and geometry.

Panasur was having a problem with its identity because it looked antiquated and delicate when it needed to be modern and robust, that’s why created a new logo and color pallet. With a big font and a better color contrast between white, black and yellow, the brand got to look more professional and connected to its core business.

Also, we added a little fun twist to the logo. We changed the letter A to represent one of the machineries the brand work with.

New website

Come on in!

For the website we maintained the new identity created before. But, thanks to the modern and open-minded vision of the Panasur’s team, got the chance to explore a little bit further with the architecture and navigation.

Using the concept of a full-scroll page, the new website invites people to know everything about the company in one sit, without spending a lot of time surfing between pages. The UX/UI design for this project was on point, creating a beautiful mix between the shapes and elements of the print media with the components of a digital world.