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Our history with Scotiabank Peru is pretty curious. Not only did they become our first customer as soon as we launched Glass (what a great way to start!), but we also discovered a new way of doing business together: design consulting.

For more than two years now, we have been working in-house with Scotiabank, providing them with graphic design consultancy for different digital projects and platforms. The great thing about this business model is that the creative process becomes much more dynamic and fun when you have a long-term vision, even more so when you share table with an awesome team focused on improving their clients experiences.

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One of the many projects we worked with Scotiabank is the new Mobile Banking App. Through Agile and Sprint methodologies, our team made up of (UX/UI) designers and Front-End developers works hand in hand with Design, Product and Marketing departments to create navigation and prototyping flows that are finally tested by internal and external customers before launching into the market.

The idea behind this process is to be able to offer a great service for their clients, since we anticipate their needs and provide them with safe and intuitive digital experiences.

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On another hand, we take an important role in the exploration and conceptualization of new platforms. Specially now, since a few months ago Scotiabank changed and presented their new branding, which has a much more modern and approachable look.

Based on the new color pallet, fonts and graphic elements, our design team begun to create new interfaces that connect well with the visual style. Here are some screenshots of our creative process.