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About Glass

Design for us is mixing a little bit of logic with a little bit of magic. We are here to solve problems but, in the process, to create the most unique and mesmerizing work possible.

Our purpose is to connect business and customers together in a bonding relationship. That's why we balance our craft and knowledge to achieve the client goals and the user needs in every pixel and every inch we design.

We are happy doing it. Because, in reality, it’s much easier to put the time and effort in something if you actually love what you are doing.

Web & App
Creating mesmerizing digital experiences through websites and apps is our specialty. We seek projects that want to push the boundaries and set the bar high.
Research, Design, Iterate. These three steps define our process for creating outstanding products and thoughtful experiences.
Branding &
Identity Design
Bringing up the essence of your brand and creating a special bond with your fans and customers is our most important goal.
We hire or train the best design talent in the market for your company.

The perfect

Glass is driven by aesthetics and strategy. Along with creating beautiful and fresh compositions, we focus on finding the essence of your brand and capturing the heart and mind of the user.
Whether it’s a website, a logo or a brand packaging, we always look for new & innovative projects that can make an impact and move people’s hearts.
We are different from a marketing/advertising agency. We work as a Design Boutique creating tailored and unique design solutions and giving you the most friendly, natural and personalized attention you need.

How we came
up with Glass

When we founded Glass, we decided to make things simple and stick to just one mission: to express the power of design. With over 15 years of previous experience working in different digital agencies and marketing departments, we felt we needed to create a place of our own where design matters and has a leading role in developing great products and services.

With that in mind, we built this lab and we love it. Solving problems and enhancing people’s experiences is what we do best, that’s why we are so passionate sharing our creative process with our clients. Having this connection with them assures that every project launched has a heart, a soul and a story to tell.

Will Cerón
Co-Founder & Art Director
Marco Deustua
Co-Founder & Brand Director

they say
about us

Anais Freitas
Glass's work is thorough, neat and efficient. It combines the great pillars of aesthetics to solve coherent digital solutions. It is a pleasure to have them as part of the team.
Design System Product Owner - Scotiabank
Elvis Huamaní
We made no mistake in choosing Glass to make the redesign of our logo, brochure and website. They proved to be very professional and responsible in our project.
General Administrator - Panasur
Silvana López
Working with Glass was invaluable, since not only did they quickly capture the company's goals, but they also resolved the projects in a creative way.
Commercial Manager - American Express

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Client: Scotiabank
Consulting, UX/UI Design, Development
Client: Panasur
UX/UI Design, Development
Client: Carnot
UX/UI Design, Development